Version 1.0 - Updated November 23rd, 2014

The User Interface of Pipecut

Revision management

Here's a quick note before the list of hotkeys in version 1.

  I expect the user-interface of pipecut will evolve for some time. I'm going to think of new ideas, and other will suggest new features too.
  I haven't gone out of my way looking for commands to attach to the default set of hotkeys, because I would prefer to minimize churn (and the resulting keyboard-shock) that would result from later versions redefining what keys do.
  If I got it exactly right, later versions will only add new commands - but I'm sure there will be something I didn't think of.
  So, future versions of pipecut will support setting your keymapping for compatibility with past versions. If you get really used to the keys in version 1, you can choose to keep using them until you're motivated to retrain to a newer set of hotkeys.



Hotkeys - Version 1


key Command Unix Equivalent
  Insert Blades  
g Grep egrep
x Exclude egrep -v
h Hexdump hexdump -C
H Histogram sort -nr
u Unique uniq
U Unique (Counted) sort ? | uniq -c
c LineNumbers cat -n
' Literal Enter a Unix command manually
- Option Add a flag to the current blade
  Movement and Execution  
PgDn PageDown Move down in the input file
PgUp PageUp Move up in the input file
q Quit  
| Execute Run up to current blade, through less
! Generate Generate a shell script from the toolset
  Flags / Modes  
L LookAhead Toggle On/Off
R Regex Toggle On/Off
? Help Display help screen



Pipecut was first displayed in a presentation Nov 1, 2014 at MeetBSD California. Pipecut was created by David W. Maxwell